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What is SiteOps?

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There is a secret about civil engineers that you should probably know - they do a lot of guessing.  When designing a grading plan, an engineer will guess at a finish floor elevation, grade the site out to the boundary, and hope that the earthwork quantities come close to balancing. If the site doesn't balance (it usually doesn't), and there is money left in the budget (there usually isn't), the engineer will raise or lower the building pad and call it good.  At most, your grading plan gets a couple of iterations and you get stuck with the cost of moving all that dirt.

Granted, some engineers are really good at guessing but, unfortunately, those engineers are retiring in droves along with their T-squares and drafting tables. Surely, there must be somebody out there leveraging technology to make this a more efficient process. Well, you've found them!

Atlas Civil Design is proud to be known as one of the leading users in the world of the revolutionary SITEOPS technology. SITEOPS generates millions of iterations of site grading solutions in order to narrow in on the one that is the most cost effective. 

Imagine sitting in a meeting or webinar with your civil engineer while he or she runs site layouts and cost-optimized grading scenarios in real time. Now imagine making highly  informed decisions during the due diligence phase because your engineer gave you a side-by-side cost comparison between multiple sites. Far fetched? Not at all. This is what we do every day!

Our site optimization services are used by residential and commercial land developers, real estate brokers, general contractors, architects, planners, and even other civil engineers. On average, we are saving our clients over $20,000 per acre over conventional design... and in some cases much more.


We use it on every project that we work on, simply because not doing so would mean that we were guessing.

Don't leave your engineering to chance. Contact us today to setup a demo -

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