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Grading, drainage, and utilities are what we design. Peace of mind is what we ultimately deliver.


grading & drainage

It's all about balance.

Earthworks can be one of the largest variables when it comes to site-related development costs. Plus, the consequences of a poorly designed site will be experienced for years to come. That's why the skillful design of grading and drainage plans is a top priority for the engineers at Atlas Civil Design.

Not only do we seek to balance the earthworks of each site so as to minimize the import or export of materials, but we also must balance technical function with aesthetics and user comfort. A parking lot must slope to achieve positive drainage, but slope it too much and runaway shopping carts and slamming car doors become the norm. Finding the right balance for each site is our goal!

wet utilities

Atlas provides thoughtful, engineered solutions for the stuff that no one ever sees.

Buried deep beneath your project lies the true test of your civil engineer's ability. The engineer quickly becomes the focus only when water doesn't flow as it should and, frankly, that's the sort of attention that we don't want. Which is why Atlas Civil Design implements numerous quality control measures on every project.

From pressurized  water networks to sanitary sewer systems, we go the extra mile to ensure that wet utility designs work in harmony with other site constraints. The result is site infrastructure that is highly constructible, efficient, and successfully serves the needs of a site for years to come.


stormwater quality

Stormwater quality regulations are a moving target that vary by jurisdiction. At Atlas Civil Design, we don't believe that one solution fits all scenarios so we work closely with the client and members of the project design team to develop stormwater management programs that fit the needs of a particular site, while meeting regulatory standards.


Too many times, the space requirements of land developers are in conflict with the needs of required storm water management practices. Through early project engagement and extensive team collaboration, Atlas seeks innovative solutions to  meet the competing needs of each project we design.

From the implementation of Low Impact Development practices to Hydromodification analysis, we take care of the dirty work so that your project runs clean.

site accessibility

Everyone agrees that providing equal access is a good thing, but compliance with Federal, State and local regulations for site accessibility has become a nightmare for commercial landowners. To make matters worse, most engineers who don't deal with it every day lack the knowledge of how to properly apply these regulations to a site. This is evidenced by the lack of consistency even among new projects.


​With hundreds of projects under our belt, the engineers at Atlas Civil Design are experts in delivering barrier-free compliant designs for both new and retrofit sites. All of our designs are reviewed by a State Certified Access Specialist (CASp) to ensure compliance with the latest standards. We even offer site evaluations to help owners plan their future upgrade needs.


When it comes to accessibility, let us show you how to do it right the first time.


site optimization

Atlas Civil Design is proud to be one of the leading power users of the revolutionary SITEOPS technology. With limited information about a particular site, we can quickly develop a three dimensional grading model and provide real-time scenario analysis that shows how to develop the site in the most cost effective manner.

Our site optimization services are used by residential and commercial land developers, real estate brokers, general contractors, architects, planners, and even other civil engineers. On average, we are saving our clients over $30,000 per acre over conventional design... and in some cases much more.


The benefit to you is the ability to make smarter, more informed decisions earlier in the project lifecycle. Contact us for a live demo or send us your next site and see what site optimization can mean for you.

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