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different by design

Since its inception, Atlas Civil Design has pushed the limits of what an engineering firm can be.


our history

We're not sure who the guys in the photo are, but we're pretty sure their employer didn't offer them remote work arrangements and an unlimited vacation policy. When we opened our virtual doors in 2013, Atlas Civil Design recognized that attracting and retaining top talent was a key to serving our clients well. Since then, we have put together an amazing team of engineers and designers , along with a diverse portfolio of successful projects.

When our president and founder, A.J. Whitaker, first setup shop in his home office, he sought to build a different kind of firm. This meant ditching many traditional practices that did nothing to enhance the client experience. Rather, the focus became optimized, more cost-effective designs, combined with an unparalleled level of client service and responsiveness.

We implemented remote work arrangements and a 100% digital workflow long before COVID-19. Our unique Site Optimization services have saved our clients millions of dollars in site development costs. These are just some of the ways in which Atlas Civil Design has broken barriers in our industry over the past decade. 

Building upon a solid past, we look forward to what the future holds. Given our success, one thing is certain: We won't be going back to the drawing board anytime soon.

our philosophy

Our goal from the beginning was simple: Create a place where people look forward to coming to work on Monday morning; a company whose clients are also our friends. We like to say that we're a "lifestyle company." Recognizing that a huge part of a person's life is spent on the job, why not make one's work experience as enjoyable and stress free as possible? Of course, this carries through to our clients as well.

We take our inspiration from Smokey Bear, with an intense focus on preventing fires rather than fighting them. This is accomplished through a rigorous collection of systems and checklists that serve as a guide to our everyday activities. Mistakes are rare, but, when they do happen, we put systems in place to prevent their reoccurrence. The result is less stress, better designs, greater consistency, and happier clients. Smokey would be proud!

In a world where fighting fires is the norm, we find bliss in systems that minimize the occurrence of unexpected problems. Life is too short to be a stressed-out grumpy bear.


our reach

Atlas Civil Design is the go-to, preferred provider of civil engineering services to the commercial land development sector in California and beyond. With hundreds of successful projects under our belt in California alone, the Golden State is our primary geographic market. From San Diego to Redding, we have tackled everything from small ADA upgrades to million square-foot distribution facilities.

Beyond California, our clients have brought us in to work on their projects in Nevada, Washington, and Arizona. Atlas is a registered firm and currently holds professional engineering licenses in these states. We also maintain an active NCEES Record in both Civil Engineering and Land Surveying, which serves to help streamline the reciprocity licensure process in other states.  

Our California and Arizona projects are supported by a distributed team of engineers that can provide a same-day, on-site physical presence should the need arise. Our team currently operates in the following regions:

  • San Diego

  • Los Angeles

  • Coachella Valley

  • San Luis Obispo

  • Monterey

  • Sacramento

  • Phoenix

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